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Jung Society of Washington
The Jung Society of Washington is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational membership society open to all who are interested in learning more about the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. Our members receive a newsletter three times each year; it contains our schedule of events, as well as supporting details. Members have borrowing priviledges at our library and receive a discounted fee to our events (except for embassy functions).

Jung Lexicon by Daryl Sharp
Jung Lexicon takes the reader to the source. It was designed for those seeking an understanding of relevant terms and concepts as they were used by Jung himself. There are choice extracts from Jung's Collected Works, but no references to other writers.
Jung Lexicon is not a critique or a defence of Jung's thoughts, but a guide to its richness and an illustration of the broad scope and interrelationship of his interests.
Informed by a close reading of Jung's major writings, Jung Lexicon contains a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of Jungian psychology. The implications and practical application of Jung's ideas are well covered by other volumes in this series.

Conversations With Carl Jung
and reactions from Ernest Jones - Richard I. Evans

Times' Cover Article on Jung
February 1955.

C. G. Jung and Gnostic Tradition
Gnosis, Gnosticism and Jungian Psychology. Jung and Alchemical Renewal.

Psychological Types Online
The book in electronic format.

Jung, Ramana Maharhsi and Eastern Meditation (PDF)
Paper by Dr. J. Glenn Friesen.

Carl Jung Pictures (at

Carl Jung at Yahoo Directory
Directory of Jungian sites.

Personal Growth from

Dream Interpretation Freud and Jung
Provides a comparison between dream methods, Freud and Jung, plus several ebooks dealing with these methods.
Typology Central is a discussion forum and was created as a place to learn and share information about personality type. The core objective of the forum is to establish a communal atmosphere helping people to learn more about themselves, personality type and psychology; as well as understanding different points of view and manners of expression. It's a place to make friends and form meaningful interpersonal relationships. The goal is to support high quality debate/discussion about challenging topics in a mature, civil and open manner. The community is focused on the practical use of personality type - how typology can be applied in real life situations.

Jung and Christian Spirituality (PDF)
Talk in College Hall, Hereford Cathedral - Julienne McLean.

Depth Psychology and Spiritual Tradition
Various articles on psychological, philosophical and religious topics, with an emphasis on myth and symbol. The pros and cons of Jungian psychology are considered.


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