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I Ching Methods and Meaning

- 10-lesson email course for beginners -

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I Ching is one of the oldest books of ancient China dedicated especially to divination. Carl Jung studied this book as a method of investigating the unconscious and also as a foretelling tool. He also used the book in the treatment of his patients as a guide to solving their problems.

Even more, Jung inspired the translation of the book into English and wrote a substantial introduction in which he showed how the oracle works and explained the answers to the question he himself asked.

Taking into account all these aspects and Jung's ever-living interest in I Ching, we created a course dedicated to this book intended for beginners. A quick course explaining succinctly what I Ching is, what is its content, what are the methods of consultation and especially how to formulate the questions and interpret the answers.

Several commented examples show you how to proceed yourself.

Course content and delivery. This course is made of ten lessons sent as email messages directly to your email address on a schedule, that is, one lesson every two days.

Lessons may be read on your PC, mobile device or tablets. You may save them on your hard disk or CD/DVD. You may even print them on paper. And what is worth, the updates (if any) are sent free of charge!

Online help and assistance. We help you with the course lessons should you need further assistance. Just send your questions to the course email address and we'll reply shortly. Moreover, you may take the course with the workshop and benefit from our online assistance with your own consulting experience and the meaning of the answers.



Basic Things One Must Know About Oracles


The First Encounter with the I Ching Oracle


Translations and Versions


Content of the Book


Usage of the Oracle (methods of consulting)

Examples of day-to-day consultation


The Oracle and the Life of the Couple


Business and the Oracle


Health and the Oracle


The Oracle in Political Life

Learn how to


Hints on Understanding the Meaning of the Answers

Bonus. Take this course now and get a free paper on Jung's experience with the I Ching. Also, you'll be sent a free paper on how to use I Ching in dream interpretation. (Both PDF).

Quiz. After completing the course, you may take our online quiz to test your acquired knowledge (not mandatory).

Cost: $25

Order the course through credit card or PayPal by clicking the button below.


    Note: Upon the confirmation of the payment you'll be giving a link leading to the course page. Please read and follow.

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