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Example of Using I Ching
in Dream Interpretation

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I Ching (translated Book of Changes) has been studied by Jung himself who also wrote a substantial introductory study to the Book explaining its usage and functioning. The Jungian psychotherapy followed the master's insight and used the book as a means to explore the unconscious of the patients.

I Ching is the oldest book of the classic Chinese culture mainly designed to reveal the future and was consulted by sovereigns and princes. It is used today with the same interest by people from the entire world to respond in a wise manner to their specific needs, from health and wealth matters, to work, love, business, and more.

Our paper is about using I Ching as a helping tool in dream interpretation during the psychotherapy. It offers an example of working out a dream with its help and suggest further references from the Jungian work related to the symbolism and usage of the book.

This paper is a must if you are interested in dream interpretation and/or the understanding of the etiology of mind disorders and  their cure.

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